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“Dear Steph, thank you for introducing me to Aloe! My digestion has improved significantly and I am amazed what a difference it makes in my daily routine! I cannot recommend the drink enough! I also love the aloe gelly, I have been using it for my daughter along with her moisturiser and her skin issues have settled down! Thank you ever so much again! xx”

Shrutshi, mom, Perth

“Thank you for rescuing me that day! I say I don’t catch colds, they chase me! On the morning of that dreaded shredded throat I raced for the Bee Propolis to add to my daily Aloe Vera shot routine. Guess what? So a cold caught me but he couldn’t get a good grip! Haha it was 50-75% less severe than any cold that’s started in the same manner that I’ve had in years!! Not laid up and not coughing my lungs up and no grabbing for the steroid inhalers this time! Beat it bugs!”

Rebekah, mom, Perth

“I have been using the Forever Living products for almost 12 months now. My first product was the C9 Cleanse – all I can say is WOW!! – the best cleanse I have ever used, I felt so much better, more energy, better sleep, my eyes were sparkly and I lost weight… yay!! I then started on the Aloe Gel Drink (I have tried the Original, Berry and Peach) … I like them all, but my fave is the Original. There were times when I would be without it and I definitely felt the difference – crappy digestion, more lethargic etc .. .. as soon as I was back on it within a few days I was feeling a lot better overall. I do sometimes get a spot of dermatitis however this has also really improved since I have been taking the Aloe – in addition I use the Propolis Creme (it’s fab!!). I have even given my Lab some of the Aloe as she gets allergies.. . oh another favourite is the Forever Sun Lips Lip Balm which my daughter used alot during summer when she was out in the heat competing in athletics … she did suffer from dry cracked lips alot, however since Steph recommended this lip balm it was a god send!!!…. and the Aloe Gelly for sunburn is excellent… another winner ….. so it’s clear to say I am a fan and love the products .. I have heard the skin care range is great so that is next on my list  “

Nykki, mom, Perth

“My 4 year old is taking the bee pollen with great results! Her streaming eyes and nose has stopped! She was on Zirtek twice daily up until now so I’m delighted I found something natural for her allergies.”

Angela, mom, Dublin

“I was keen to find an aluminum free deodorant that didn’t cost the earth and worked. I had tried a couple of shop brands that didn’t cut the mustard as they would say! The stick deodorant as a nice neutral smell that keeps me odour free for the day. Big thumbs up from me.”

Karina, professional, Perth

“I just want to share our story and hopefully it will help others. My daughter is 3 and has had chronic constipation for 2 years. In those 2 years she has had her laxative dose increased by different doctors but yet she would go 2 weeks without a bowel movement. When she started to sleep 4 hours in the day and lose weight we finally got to see a specialist who did a biopsy and tests. No known cause which meant we were sent home with more laxatives and told to keep giving them for at least a year and told to not take her off them. 
All the laxatives would of course make her go without any warning, pretty traumatic for a 3 year old. I watched my confident little girl go so in to herself and tell me she was sad all because of constipation. 
Last week when we were at PMH and the nurses held her down to give her an enema the 3rd one that night I knew I had lost all faith in what doctors were telling me. I decided to give Aloe a try. First morning and she went, it has been only 4 days and now my daughter is going twice a day. My husband and I sat in disbelief tonight, constipation in children is out of control now. I will be shouting from the rooftops for parents to try this. I have cried many happy tears this week. We have really turned a corner.”

Louise, mom, Perth

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